Hey guys,

Lets talk about complicated relationships. That with friends, family, or as a couple. So one is with my best friend and me. There is this guy I like (lets call him John; not his name) and then she started liking him. So I found out he had some feelings for her. And me and the guy were close friends. I decided to try and let my feelings go, but I couldn’t. And then he started kind of flirting with me and I was so confused. And then I was like I am just going ro ignore him to get over my feelings. But then he got mad because I ignored him and we started being friends again but whenever I was with another guy he would get jealous. And when me and another guy  (the guy I was talking about the in one of my last post lets call him James; not his name) started being a little more than friends John would get more jealous. And I dont know if I should tell me friend or if I should ignore it. Please tell me if this has or is happening to you in the comments below. 


Always the truth 😉