Hey guys,

Well i guess this is the real first blog about my life. So there is this guy and we have had a thing for like 3 years but never really did anything about it. Well we kind of asked each other out but none of us gave a real answer. And i havent gave him an answer and he hasnt give me one either. The problem is its really confusing one day its this the other its another thing. I just feeling like i need a real answer. And lile this blog is all about the truth. The truth is i dont know if i like him enough do have a relationship or if i like him just a little and i think he can get my mind off another guy but my relationship is to complicated with him. But i dont know what to do. If anyone is in the same situation leave a comment. And if you would like for me to explain the situation with the other guys tell me in the comments too. 


Always the truth 😉